NBC Announces 2016 Comedy Series

While not the end of their pick ups, NBC has announced the have ordered two comedies, inculding the DC Universe comedy Powerless. NBC still has to announce their drama series, but this is a start.

POWERLESS (single camera)
STUDIO: Warner Bros TV
TEAM: Ben Queen (w, ep), Michael Patrick Jann (d, ep)
LOGLINE: In the first comedy series set in the universe of DC Comics, Vanessa Hudgens plays Emly, a spunky young insurance adjuster specializing in regular-people coverage against damage caused by the crime-fighting superheroes. It’s when she stands up to one of these larger-than-life figures (after an epic battle messes with her commute) that she accidentally becomes a cult “hero” in her own right … even if it’s just to her group of lovably quirky co-workers. Now, while she navigates her normal, everyday life against an explosive backdrop, Emily might just discover that being a hero doesn’t always require superpowers.
CAST: Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, Christina Kirk

Deadline Hollywood

Tracking the 2016 Broadcast Pilots

Every year, Deadline: Hollywood follow the development of the broadcast network pilots prior to the May up-front meetings with advertisers, where they announce the line-up for the upcoming television season. Before the up-fronts, they look at the attention the pilots are getting from their contacts at the networks. What I have done here is boil down their comments specific to SF&F specific pilots.

ABC Pilots – 2016
CBS Pilots – 2016 (CBS has no genre related pilots this year.
The CW Pilots – 2016
Fox Pilots – 2016
NBC Pilots – 2016

I’m Really Liking “The Cape”

I spend quite a bit of time on the web, and have heard the chatter about this series. It looks campy. People can’t take the lead character seriously. It’s not going to get renewed.

I have to say it looks fun. And above all else, people running around in colorful costumes should be fun. Maybe I’m tainted by growing up and enjoying Adam West’s “Batman” and Lynda Carter’s “Wonder Woman,” but those were fun shows.

And I’m getting those same vibes from “The Cape.” I’m jumping on the bandwagon right from the start.

Here are the opening credits, courtesy of zap2it, and a series trailer featuring Summer Glau.