Pilot Season is Upon Us Again

Every year the broadcast networks order pilot episodes made from the various scripts and pitches they get each fall. Several genre concepts have already been green-lighted, and are in the casting phase. Others are due get the order by the end of the month.

Over the next few weeks I am going to try and accumulate what information is out there on these projects, so we can have an idea of what could be ahead.

Projects that have a pilot or are being produced are:

Three Inches (Syfy)
Locke & Key (Fox)
Alcatraz (Fox)
Nine Lives (ABC)
Alabama (FX)

I will post more as I learn more.

I’m Really Liking “The Cape”

I spend quite a bit of time on the web, and have heard the chatter about this series. It looks campy. People can’t take the lead character seriously. It’s not going to get renewed.

I have to say it looks fun. And above all else, people running around in colorful costumes should be fun. Maybe I’m tainted by growing up and enjoying Adam West’s “Batman” and Lynda Carter’s “Wonder Woman,” but those were fun shows.

And I’m getting those same vibes from “The Cape.” I’m jumping on the bandwagon right from the start.

Here are the opening credits, courtesy of zap2it, and a series trailer featuring Summer Glau.

Updating the List

Seeing as this site exists because of my TV list, I decided to write about the changes I am making to the list today.

Since Syfy has aired the last episodes of “Caprica,” the show now moves to the archive list.

Since new episodes of “Primeval” are now airing on BBC America, the show has moved off the archive, and back to the current list.

“The Cape” is moving off the upcoming list and onto the current list, seeing as it’s premier is scheduled to air on January 9th.

And I am adding the following series to the upcoming list, seeing as they have all been confirmed in the press as being picked up.

Game of Thrones
Death Valley

Get Caught Up With “Primeval”

Yeah, I know I’m a little behind here, but if you’re a fan of “Primeval” you need to see this.

A number of webisodes were produced to fill in the time between the end of season three and the start of season four, including hints on the motivations of the new leader of the ARC team.

These webisodes are available on available on YouTube, but blastr.com has gathered them all in one place.


Blastr.com – Primeval Webisodes

Syfy Viewers Bid Farewell to “Caprica”

Tonight Syfy burns off the final five episodes of the series. Cancelled in October 2010, the network has been holding the episodes in reserve, looking for a place where the ratings challenged series won’t negatively influence ratings.

I expect viewership to be very low, considering the fact that these episodes were released on the 1.5 DVD release just before Christmas 2010. They were also aired in Canada, so torrents have also been available for some time.

However, if you haven’t seen them yet, like me, here are the episode titles and the time they will air. All times Eastern.


  •  6:00 P.M. – “Blowback”
  •  7:00 P,M. – “Dirteaters”
  •  8:00 P.M. – “The Heavens Will Rise”
  •  9:00 P.M. – “Here Be Dragons”
  • 10:00 P.M. – “Apotheosis”